VARO: Pioneering Sustainability in the Coffee Industry

VARO: Pioneering Sustainability in the Coffee Industry

We are harbingers of excellence in the coffee industry and in the current era of climate change, we give equal priority to sustainability. As one of the newest and most innovative companies in this space, we have always been proud of our commitment to the environment. All activities, whether big or small, contribute towards setting our own unique standards of corporate responsibility.

We recognise the urgency to mitigate our environmental footprint, which is why we have integrated eco-conscious practices into every facet- from supply chain management to product packaging and beyond. One of the cornerstones of VARO’s sustainability initiative is our partnership with Podback.

Podback is a nationwide, not-for-profit coffee capsule recycling service. They collect VARO’s 100% recyclable Aluminium capsules and recycle them in the UK, so the capsules don’t have to travel far to become something new. 100% of your remaining coffee waste gets recycled! Additionally, all our packaging is either recyclable or biodegradable.

Carefully selecting the materials in which we package our 100% Arabica coffee was a long and tedious process driven by the goal of ensuring that we create as little waste as possible. The resultant packaging is beautiful and memorable, but most importantly- fully biodegradable.

In addition to internal measures, we actively source coffee beans from suppliers whose cultivation practices are environmentally and socially responsible. We prioritise transparency and accountability, regularly disclosing our sustainability performance and progress towards established goals.

We have a diverse and inclusive workplace, where employees are empowered to thrive and contribute to meaningful change. By championing diversity in our workspace, we are able to strengthen our organisational culture and also drive innovation and creativity. As the coffee industry is faced with pressing environmental challenges, VARO wishes to inspire others to follow suit in the pursuit of more sustainable coffee production practices.